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                Refugee Crisis in UgandaThe refugee situation in Uganda has reached crisis proportions, said U.S. Ambassador to Ug... [查看全文]


                Russia Must Cease Aggression in Eastern UkraineThe United States is deeply concerned about an alarming pattern of... [查看全文]


                Buried in Old MosulMOSUL — Standing next to at a massive pile of white rocks where his daughter&rsquo;s house ... [查看全文]


                Defense Deals on the Agenda for First Trump-Modi TalksWHITE HOUSE — The bearers of two potentially clashing slog... [查看全文]


                India Robotics Industry&#39;s Growth Spurt Puts Millions of Jobs at RiskA rapidly-growing robotics industry in Indi... [查看全文]


                Ex-US Homeland Security Chief Says Russian Meddling Did Not Affect Election ResultsU.S. officials told lawmakers We... [查看全文]

                2017-06-21VOA常速英语:马蒂斯警告:ISIS将ξ 威胁东南亚

                Mattis on ISIS Threat to Southeast AsiaIn Singapore, U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis warned that violent e... [查看全文]


                North Korea Threat ContinuesIn Congressional testimony, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said North Korea&#39;s adv... [查看全文]


                Trump Lawyer: President Not Under InvestigationWASHINGTON — U.S. President Donald Trump is not under investigation... [查看全文]


                Trump Attacks Investigation of Possible Obstruction of JusticeWHITE HOUSE — U.S. President Donald Trump is assaili... [查看全文]