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                铁路少年 The Railway Children


                The change in their lives comes very suddenly. One minute they are all a happy family, with everything that they want. The next minute, Father has to go away— 'on business', Mother says. But her face is white, and the children know that it's bad news. They have to leave their nice home in London, and go and live in a little house in the country. They are poor now, Mother says. She tries to sound happy, but her eyes are sad and worried.

                罗伯塔、彼得和菲利斯也为他ω 们的爸爸担心,但谁都不能一直那么伤感。新生活开始了,处处都◆充满新奇的冒险。从他们的新家往山下走,有一条铁路,耀眼明亮的铁轨通向伦敦;还有穿山隧道那黑洞洞的大︾口,在那里火车从黑暗中呼啸而出,就像体型庞大的野兽……

                Roberta, Peter, and Phyllis also worry about Father, but no one can be sad all the time. A new life is beginning, with adventures around every corner. And there, down the hill from their new house, is the railway, with its shining lines leading all the way back to London; and the black mouth of the tunnel, where trains come screaming out of the darkness like great wild animals...



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