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                2015-08-07The Great Sea—Serpent 海蟒

                THERE was a little fish—a salt-water fish—of good family: I don&rsquo;t recall the name—you will have to get ... [查看全文]

                2015-08-07The Gardener and the Family 园丁和主人

                FOUR or five miles from the capital stood an old manor, with thick walls, tower, and pointed gables.Here lived,... [查看全文]

                2015-08-06安徒生童话:Great Claus and Little

                IN a village there once lived two men who had the same name. They were both called Claus. One of them had fo... [查看全文]

                2015-08-06安徒生童话:The Tinder—Box 打火匣

                A SOLDIER came marching along the high road: Left, right—left, right. He had his knapsack on his back, and a ... [查看全文]


                The Flea, the Grasshopper, and the Skipjack once wanted to see which of them could jump highest; and they invit... [查看全文]

                2010-08-24卖火柴的小∑ 女孩 The Little Match-Girl

                安徒生童话:卖火柴的小女孩 The Little Match-Girl It was dreadfully cold, it was snowing fast, and almost dark; the evening----the last evening of the old year was drawing in. But, cold and dark as it was, a poor little girl, wi [查看全文]

                2010-08-23A Leaf from Heaven

                A LEAF FROM HEAVEN by Hans Christian Andersen HIGH up in the clear, pure air flew an angel, with a flower plucked from the garden of heaven. As he was kissing the flower a very little leaf fell from it and sunk down into the soft earth in t [查看全文]

                2010-08-20A Great Grief

                A GREAT GRIEF by Hans Christian Andersen THIS story really consists of two parts. the first part might be left out, but it gives us a few particulars, and these are useful We were staying in the country at a gentleman's seat, where it happe [查看全文]

                2010-08-19欢乐家庭the HAPPY FAMILY

                欢乐家庭the HAPPY FAMILY Really, the largest GREen leaf in this country is a dockleaf; if one holds it before one, it is like a whole apron, and if one holds it over one's head in rainy weather, it is almost as good as an umbr [查看全文]


                母亲的故事 A mother sat there with her little child. She was so downcast, so afraid that it should die! It was so pale, the small eyes had closed themselves, and it drew its breath so softly, now and then, with a deep respi [查看全文]