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                World Cup Boosting Profits for US BusinessesWASHINGTON — The World Cup enters its third week of competition with... [查看全文]


                Newborns Face Severe InfectionsA new study estimates that nearly 7-million newborns a year suffer life-threatening ... [查看全文]


                China Billionaire&#39;s Homeless Lunch Becomes SpectacleNEW YORK — A highly-publicized free lunch for New York Cit... [查看全文]


                US Congress Grants Top Honor to Civil Rights LeadersWASHINGTON — The U.S. Congress has posthumously granted its ... [查看全文]


                Thailand Seafood Industry Denies Human Trafficking AllegationsSteve HermanJune 24,2014BANGKOK — Thailand reels in mo... [查看全文]


                Sanctions Threat Weighs on Russian Oil IndustryJames BrookeJune 23,2014MOSCOW — Russia&rsquo;s economy runs on oil... [查看全文]

                2014-06-23VOA常速英语:伊拉克战局危机 奥巴马左右为难

                Obama Weighs in on Iraq CrisisMichael BowmanJune 22,2014WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama continues to rule out... [查看全文]


                Brazil Boosts Stadium Security after Violent IncidentsScott BobbJune 21,2014RIO DE JANEIRO — Authorities in Brazil... [查看全文]


                Rainy Day is Not Enough to Slow the World Cup PartyBrian AllenJune 19,2014RIO DE JANEIRO — The rain has been ... [查看全文]

                2014-06-20VOA常速英语:非法移民激增 美国@ 移民政策传递收紧信号

                US Sending &#39;Get Tough&#39; Message on Illegal Immigration SurgeBrian PaddenJune 18,2014WASHINGTON — Conflicting ... [查看全文]