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                > VOA > VOA常速英语-VOA Standard English > 2015年01月VOA常速英语 >  列表


                2015-01-30VOA常速英语: 超级碗:电视网络广告“争夺战'

                Super Bowl Ads Compete for Eyes on TV, WebNEW YORK— Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 1) is about more than just the N... [查看全文]


                Obama Reviews Middle East StrategyWHITE HOUSE— The death of Saudi Arabia&rsquo;s king, the collapse of a U.S.-fri... [查看全文]


                Smartphones About to Make Leap, Carry Basic SensesLong-distance communication contains mostly sounds and pictures. F... [查看全文]


                Somalia Aims to Improve Lives of ChildrenMOGADISHU— Somalia&#39;s president signed into law the Convention on the... [查看全文]

                2015-01-27VOA常速英语: 欧元区发起经济刺激计划,美国、日本提供借鉴

                US, Japan Offer Lessons as Eurozone Launches Huge StimulusLONDON— The Euro currency has fallen sharply after the... [查看全文]


                Activists: Nigeria Elections Should Be PostponedMariama DialloJanuary 23,2015WASHINGTON— Nigerian expatriates and acti... [查看全文]


                Obama Free College Plan Flawed, Critics SayCollege tuition and student debt have increased at a rapid pace in th... [查看全文]

                2015-01-23VOA常速英语: 和平到来,迪亚◣巴克尔有望呈现繁荣

                With Peace Comes Hope of Prosperity in DiyarbakirISTANBUL— Diyarbakir, the main city in Turkey&rsquo;s predominantl... [查看全文]

                2015-01-22VOA常速英语: 太阳能动力飞机准备环球航行

                Solar-Powered Plane Getting Ready to Circumnavigate GlobePilots of the solar plane that already set records flying... [查看全文]

                2015-01-21VOA常速英语: 美国科学家研发一种廉价的可调试眼镜

                UK Scientists Develop Cheap Adjustable GlassesNinety-five percent of people in Sub-Saharan Africa who need glasses ... [查看全文]