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                I Illustrate My Relationship With My Boyfriend Through My Wholesome Comics


                My name is Valérie Minelli and I’m a 26-year-old comic artist from Luxembourg, living in Germany.

                我叫Valerie Minelli, 26岁,来自卢←森堡,居住在德▅国。

                The mission of my comics is to touch people. Most of the time, my comics are very wholesome because I just want to put a smile on the faces of people who read them. Sometimes they text me that a comic brightened up their day and that comment brightens up mine!


                Two main characters of my comics are based on my boyfriend and me but I want them to also be relatable to other people around the world. English isn’t my biggest strength, so I try to use as little words as possible and still convey a lot of emotions.


                My drawings are very simple: the main colors are black, white and grey, and sometimes I add a pinch of color. The reason behind that is that I post a comic every Sunday so I can’t invest too much time in coloring them. Also, I want them to be easily recognizable, especially on a very fast medium like Instagram, where people swipe through so many things in such a short period.


                Here is a little collection of my favorite comics I did in 2019. I hope some of them put a smile on your face or make you hug your pets and loved ones very tightly.






















                More info: Instagram | mrsfrollein.com | Facebook

                图片来源:Valérie Minelli

                内容来自 听力课堂网:/show-7804-462268-1.html

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